Reporting out By Day

If I report out by day. Midnight to Midnight.

We run 3 shifts
Midnights 11PM to 7AM Shift 1
Days 7AM to 3pm Shift 2
Afternoons 3PM to 11PM Shift 3

When we run a report for a day. we get the midnight shift starting on the next day. How do we run a daily report to get the previous midnight shift instead.

Hi JP,
If you are using the analysis selector it defaults to a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight. So it will not see the previous days shift 3. There is a property on the selector “Use Start and End Time” that will use the actual times you enter. You will need to enter the start time as 11PM from the previous day and end time to 10:59:59PM of the current day. That should capture the shifts that you are interested in.


What about from the controllers or via script?

An analysis controller always uses the entered time.
Scripting also takes the date parameters as you enter them