Reporting Parameters default values not exposed in designer

I have report setup testing and have noticed that for some reason when i have an unbound parameter configured in the report it is not passing the configured default values into the designer see attached. The default value show up in the report viewer it self but are not exposed else where when the parameter is unbound.

I want to be able to set default parameter value when designing the report and be able to bind to that parameter in the designer and use that default value. Thus pulling the default value from the parameter not pushing it into the parameter much like using a custom property.

Well, this was intentional, although it may not be optimal. Let me try and explain.

The intent of the default values on the parameters are to support “hands-off” execution of the report when it is automatically scheduled.

When a report is embedded in a Vision window, you can easily provide values for the parameters through bindings on the window.

They only way we could use the parameter’s default value expressions in the vision window would be to execute them at the time when the report is loaded, which wouldn’t be right because any date based values would quickly become stale.

Perhaps, we could simply detect when a value has not been provided through the component (null) and use the defaults in that case? That might work…

Let me know if I’m making any sense.

Carl that makes sense. For what i am trying to do loading those values when report loads would be just fine.