Reporting Plug-in Allignment and multiple page layout

Attached is a blank daily production sheet. So far I have been able to pull this into the reporting plug in. And I was able to populate data from an SQL query into this report. However I am not sure that I am doing things exactly proper.

First off the data from the query has many rows and columns, currently I think it is 12 rows and 25. Now each row of data will have its own seperate page within the report.

The problem is alligning the data from the query with the PDF picture. That is number one. What I used what I drug over the data and had the report create a table, then I just resized the data windows and placed the data where I wanted it. But again I dont think this is the correct way.

If I were to do it like they show in the example #3 of the user manual then I do not think I would be able to have each row on its own sheet. Would I?

I am hoping I made this clear its been a long day so far and my head is fuzzy with a cold.

Thanks for looking and appreciate any answers. Have a great day.
Daily Prod Sheet Query.pdf (10.3 KB)