Reporting plug in help

Okay guys, Here goes number three. So far two out two are done and corrected because of you guys. Thanks.

I am making a report in report plug in. I’ve got the keys in place and the table to record the info dynamically. My Report is titled “Calibration changes to the flow meters.” You got it, I’m trying to track when and what changes have been applied to the flow meters, there are 13 flow meters. The changes involve a company to come to the site and verify and change the KFactor in the meters to maintain calibration. The Calibrations are certified by this company. I have to go to the customer and make the changes in the PLC, so bottom line is this process involves the company, an outside Contractor, and myself.

I created a screen to choose the flow meter to be calibrated. Once the meter is selected then they can “see” the current parameters to change and they can change them from the screen. I’ve done it at my lab and it works well. Now the problem is that if someone else makes a change between visits the calibration is lost, no longer valid. It is critical that the records of the calibrations and the current calibrations only be changed by authorized personnel.

I created a user and a role, assigned the user responisble, and made the button unusable unless this one person signs in and makes a change. That being said, the person signing in may be watched and the password leaked to unauthorized personnel. Whether vicious or not if a change takes place I want to be able to track a date time when it was changed and what it had been changed from and too.

My report is set up to record date time, current Kfactor, new kfactor, title of flow meter, and a limiter number. The info populates well and is done as an indirect tag for each above listed tag. The problem is the current kfactor is on the report and when I enter the info for the new one it records both, but then I confirm the change and the old value changes as well. It is a dynamic form so that is fine but I want a history so that I might be able to revert to the old number and correct someones indiscrete changes.

If you can direct me to a good fix I sure would appreciate it. You may need more info but try to digest this first. thank you for your time and info.

I reckon the best way to think about this problem is split it into 2 parts: the first part deals with entering the new value, the second with displaying a history of all the changes.

I reckon that you should only save the new kfactor in each new record. You will always be able to see the previous value in the previous record. You could then deal with a malicious or incorrect entry by simply deleting the last record and entering a new one (if required).

The reporting plug-in could then be used to display a table or page for each flow meter, with either a list of all changes, or only the changes within a certain date range.

How does this sound?

that sounds like the right track. I’ll give it a try and see if I’m getting the info that I am trying to get. Thank you.