Reporting Plug in Help

I am working on a report using the plug in. On the designer I have my data and I have it set up under the group function. This way all relevant data from each row will be displayed on its own page.

What I am trying to do is find a way to create a type of water mark, which I have done, but I only want it on pages where the standard is less than 5000. However each time I place the formula in the isVisible property expression it seems to only work off of the first pages standard. Example if the I set the isVisible to data.standard=5000, which just so happens to be the standard off of page 1, then the water mark shows up on every page, if I set the isVisible data.standard=6000 then it does not show up on any page. So what other command do I have to put in front of the data.standard so as it pulls the standard from each page and sees if that number is equal and if it is display the mark.

I used the text editor the menu option with the letter A in it to draw my watermark.

Hope all this helps. Thanks and have a great day.

The watermark needs to be inside of the table so the expression can reference that rows standard value. The expression will just be standard=5000. If you use data.standard anywhere it will reference the first rows standard value. Hope this helps.