Reporting Plug in sorting question

I have been working with the reporting plug in. On a page I have designed I have a drop down box and the report. Here are the two thinks I would like to know if can be done.

  1. The data, which is the string portion of the drop down box, I would like to have that as my header for my report.

  2. I have been working a little with the sort option in the report. What I would like to know is how you set it so that the page breaks occur where you want them. My case is I have a column in the table called “Machine Location” It can contain a number from 1 to 99. There will be three page breaks: One break we will call inserting and any numbers that fall between 1 and 59 will be displayed on that page. The next will be called Addressing and Ink Jetting they will be between 60 and 79. And the final one will be called Bindery and will contain numbers 80 thru 99.

One other thing that I might think about at a future time would be to have the report change dynamically for the sort. If this is at all possible.

Thank you and have a great day.

If you click on the table on your report customizer you should see a box called grouping to the right. I have attached a picture to show what I am talking about. In this group you can add a key in which you can use the expression language along with the keys from your data set to create the logic for the page breaks. When using the dataset keys here notice that there is no @ symbols. The page break will occur when there is a change in the keys value. Also note for the page break to occur you have to click the grey box next to the key so an image of a ripped page shows. This can be seen in my image.
In my example here I want each of my pages to group records with the same CellarNum the problem I was having was I wanted cellarNum 210 and 220 to be on the same page. So I created a key using the expression language to change the 220 cellarNum to 210. Now my report shows cellarNum 200 records on one page and cellarNum 210 and 220 on another page.
One main difference between your issue and mine is I do not display the cellarNum on the report so you might have to group on a different key that is not displayed on the report.

Hopefully this helps you with your second part to your post.

Actually after I wrote that and thought about it a bit more and look at another posting I figured a way to accomplish my goal number two.

What I done was in the data base I took Nathans one idea from a different post and I did a case statement and created a new column in the table. Then in the report designer I used that field to sort by. Kind of like is spelled out in the report designer user manual where they show down time reports. Then because I clicked on something I did not want to I had to call IA and was told how to correct the problem and also how to do item number one, which was far easier than I had thought it would be. Thanks to all. :prayer: