Reporting Plugin - displaying dynamic property dataset

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I noticed that when creating a table to display a dynamic dataset property for the reporting plugin, the fields do not evaluate correctly.

For example, I have two similar datasets, same structure, different data. One is assigned to the Data property of the reporting plugin, the other is assigned to Data2. The fields are TAG, MIN, MAX, AVG, STDDEV (I had the MySQL server calculate these parameters rather than the reporting plugin). In the first table, I set the tag column as @TAG@, and everything displays properly. For the second table, I have to set the column to @Data2.TAG@. The result is the first entry being repeated in every row. I attached two screenshots (one of the source, one of the result) to illustrate this. I also noticed that if I use @Data.TAG@ in the first table, the same problem occurs.

C/N: I think the datasets do not populate tables properly unless they are assigned to the default ‘Data’ property and referenced only by field name.


You need to set the dataset keys of the each table properly. You can’t use the expression @Data2.XYZ@ inside a table cell - it will always return the data from the first row. The cell expression needs to bo @XYZ@ and the table needs its key set to “Data2”