Reporting - Possible to add chart into each table row?

I'm sure I've done this before, but it's always so far between writing reports that the knowledge disappears...

I basically want to know if it's possible in the reporting module to create a report that shows something like this:

A table where each row has a chart included with each row that uses the dates from the row data (start and end dates) to show data for some fixed tag paths.

I'm trying to test this now and have gotten to (below), but can't remember how to add the chart into the rows

I think I worked it out... you literally just drag a chart into the row :confused: that was easier than I remember it being.

Edit: Although now I'm not sure how to limit the chart to the row's start/end datetimes

Edit2: Use nested queries and use the nested child query (the tag historian query) in the row's chart :slight_smile: Easy, once you know how...
First Query:

Second Query:

Resulting report:

PS. this is an example only... it's not polished in the slightest

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It's always nice to open a topic and find it already solved. (: