Reporting - Preview Distortion

Hello All,
I have created a basic report in ignition 7.9 consisting of five columns. The challenge I am experiencing is that the moment the page length is exceeded the preview generates another set of columns to the right of the original data as opposed to appending data below the first page resulting in a report that does not fit on a single page width. I have looked through most of the settings to try and append data vertically rather than horizontally but I am obviously missing something, somewhere. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards Jacque

You probably have the ‘Column Count’ set to >1 on the entire table object, not just on your rows. Click the root ‘Table’ object in the project browser and check the setting of the property.

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Hello Paul,
Thanks for the help - you were correct. The Column setting was 4. I assumed this to be equal to the number of columns in my table which was obviously not correct. Setting the Column Count = 1 resolved the problem.

Thanks for the assistance.

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