Reporting Save File Action not executing and saving to the specified folder

While trying to create a new report the Save File action is not working (even when I execute immediately). I am not seeing the file pop up in the folder path I have specified. Schedule & action settings below. Any help with getting this to execute.


  • Common Settings: Custom
  • Minutes: :52
  • Hours: *
  • Days: *
  • Months: *
  • Weekdays: *


  • Start Date: Default
  • EndDate: Default


  • Save File
  • Folder Path: C:\Users\kihill\Desktop\Test
  • File Name:
  • " Closure Visual "
  • dateFormat(now(), “M-d-yy hha”)

Does the Ignition user (i.e. the computer user associated with the Ignition process, not the user logged in to Ignition) have permission to write to that folder?

You should be able to see any errors writing the report in the logs. If you post the error we can help diagnose what’s going wrong.

There was no error when I executed. The file just never appeared at the scheduled time. The folder is on my work laptop so I should have access to write to the folder. Did I understand and answer your questions and suggestions correctly? I am very new to using Ignition, so I am not too familiar with the terminology associated with everything.

Reports run on the gateway. So it cannot save to a folder on your laptop unless you’ve gone to the trouble to map a drive in the gateway service to your laptop. And specified that drive as the destination.

(Or is your laptop the gateway? In that case, make sure the service has permissions in that folder.)

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I see. I think I am trying to save to a folder that is not configured within the Gateway. Where can I find available paths for me to save my report to? Also, once saved how could I access them?

For use with Vision, I recommend using a scheduled script to save the report bytes into a blob column in your database. Then you can query for that and load the bytes into Vision’s PDF Viewer. (The report viewer re-runs the report, which it seems you don’t want.)

If you are planning to switch to Perspective, it is a bit more trouble, as Perspective needs a URL to view saved PDFs. Help for that is in alpha:

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If you must use network file services, you should follow this documentation to set it up for Windows:

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