Reporting sends random stuff to CSV

My reporting sends out random stuff at random times. I havent been able to determine when it occurs. I back up machine data to a CSV file appending after each previous save.
I save and email a PDF as well as save to the CSV. 1st 6 lines are what I want to see, the lines below are the random stuff. And this is only a small part of what is in the file. How do I get it to stop this?

|MDC 19|BN-84366|0|0.00%|0.00%|0|0|0|420.25|9:00:00 PM|5.53|
|MDC 20|BN-82871-Linamar|1864|9.72%|37.17%|348|3|0|268.17|9:00:00 PM|4.29|
|MDC 21|BN-82871-GM|3892|68.64%|85.89%|961|1|1|92.03|9:00:00 PM|4.14|
|MDC 22|BN-83171- Ford|2168|0%|0%|142|0|0|241.02|9:00:00 PM|10.08|
|MDC 23|BN-82845-GM|2759|0%|0%|167|1|0|211.55|9:00:00 PM|3.75|
|Summary Totals||21537|||1677|95|5|2071.6|||
|1 0 obj|||||||||||
|/Author (Ignition Reporting Module)|||||||||||
|/CreationDate (11 Apr 2022 21:44)|||||||||||
|2 0 obj|||||||||||
|/ViewerPreferences <<|||||||||||
|/PrintScaling /None|||||||||||
|/Type /Catalog|||||||||||
|/Pages 3 0 R|||||||||||
|/PageMode /UseNone|||||||||||
|3 0 obj|||||||||||
|/Kids [6 0 R]|||||||||||
|/Count 1|||||||||||
|/Type /Pages|||||||||||
|4 0 obj|||||||||||
|/Dialog.bold 8 0 R|||||||||||
|/Dialog.plain 9 0 R|||||||||||
|/Arial-BoldMT 7 0 R|||||||||||

Don’t use a report, then. Just query the data in a script, convert to CSV, and attach to an email. (See