Reporting Simple Table Cell Fill Dynamic Control

Hi Guys,

In the old Reporting Module i used to use the Property Expressions on a Simple Table Cell to alter its Fill colour based on specific criteria.

With the new Reporting system I cant see how to simply replicate the same control without using a parameter as a dynamic data key for each individual cell I want to change (they all have different criteria)?

I can easily use key chain expressions to alter the text of cells but cant see how to use this functionality for the Fill property?

Any help or ideas appreciated :scratch:


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In the 7.8+ reporting module you would use table row versioning to accomplish this - basically, each different row style has a ‘version’ key, using keychain expressions - and whichever one evaluates first defines that row’s style. I’ve attached a sample report that I created that has three different row versions based on the values of different columns. … ioning/7.9
Table Row Versioning - Reporting.proj (20.5 KB)

Thanks for the Reply

I was after Individual Cell Formatting on a ‘Simple Table’, not Versioning of Rows in a ‘Table’.

How I used to do it.


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It’s actually definitely possible to do this, as Jae pointed out. Your keychain expression will still work in the newer reporting engine if you set it to be a dynamic data key. This is definitely not made very clear, but your exact expression should work in a new table once you’ve set the property to be dynamic.

You can still do this.

Right click on the Fill Color property and select “Use dynamic data key”

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Haha :blush:

I feel stupid… I was using the @ before and after as with other Key Expressions as i was referencing a key.

Thanks for the help. :thumb_left:


I just wanted to say thank you, I found this discussion very useful. I wanted to change the color of a cell dependent on a value and this helped me get there. I created a test parameter called “testph” and then used this as my dynamic key for the fill colour property of the textshape: