Reporting Software?

Besides Dream Reports, what other software is compatible with Ignition?

I need to supply Software that creates new reports from Ignition.

Depending on what features you are using, I’d recommend using the Ignition reporting module. Querying tag historian or alarm journals gets a bit rough outside of Ignition.

Otherwise, the main thing will just be making sure the reporting tool you are using supports the database type you are using, since that will likely be the way you would connect to the data, unless you are planning some sort of scripting to pass the data back and forth.

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Another option with many reporting tools is to import data as JSON from a web service. It’s a bit of a roll-your-own process, but with the webdev module, you can make your API that allows an external service to query into Ignition to retrieve data. If your reporting tool isn’t self-hosted, then you’d need to expose the Ignition web service to the internet somehow.

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Thanks Guys for the replies.
Yes, I am also considering the WebDev option. What is cost of it?

The customer wants to pick & choose what tags, times, dates,
Yes, the ignition application is self-hosted.

The Webdev module is (4/1/20) $1600, per the pricing page: Ignition Software Pricing for SCADA, IIoT, MES and More

The concern is more whatever you’re using to make these reports. Some reporting tools rely on a cloud-hosted server to import the data; if you’re using Webdev, your Ignition gateway would have to be accessible to that server in the cloud to retrieve data.