Reporting: Table Groups: Child Tables: Totals

Hello again,

I’m new to the reporting module and so far the user manual has been a great help. However there is something I’m trying to do which doesn’t seem to be consistent with the manual page here. The instructions mention that “the total respects grouping.”

So I have been attempting to make use of this by grabbing the totals of each column (trying to get the total of totals) but I think I may be doing something wrong because the total doesn’t seem to work in parent tables of the relevant data. I have attached pictures to see what’s going on in my report. For example, the “invoice4 total” should be the sum of the totals listed on that invoice (266 for PSTAB category and 266 for STAB category makes 532 total for invoice4)

Is there a way I can grab the total of totals as I move up the hierarchy of my data groups?

Turns out my issue was not using the dot syntax to drill down to get the data properly. The following worked for me:

Category_Data: @total.Part_Data.Qty@
Part_Data: @total.Qty@

I guess I was fooled into thinking that “total respects grouping” for child groups too :slight_smile: