Reporting - Tag History Query Data - how to convert feet to inches

Just trying to export from scada data daily for another platform.
(coding up another static table Report)

Just need to convert a few tank level from
(the perspective view does this by design for the web user, but I don't see a reporting option - other that python code - and a history query w python code takes a while over a basic tag history data source)

Checked the Docs
Checked the forum

Any and all options are appreciated.........

Modify the query.

    Level * 12 AS LevelInches
FROM ...

Where in the normal report builder - tag history data source - can I modify the SQL?

Don't see that.

I assume you mean for a report - data source - sql query (which means parsing the history sql tables)

There it is
Tag historian query
after the data source alias is defined
in the Design Tab
inside the @_@
@tag_history.bulldog compressor station tank 1 oil * 12@

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No, you can't modify the SQL for a historian query. You will need to reprocess that result with a script datasource.

Or, if reporting in tabular form, just use a formula in the cell that normally would report the feet.

{ You will probably want to omit the tag_history. prefix from the column reference in the cell. }

There's a demonstration about 35 s in on the IU video.

Yep (you found it)

That is what I was looking for.

(wish there was a quick mention in the Docs - yes you can do data source key calc - go look here.......)