Reporting textboxes to expand and directly follow

I have a report that has several sections. Each section contains one or more textboxes that may have multiple lines of information in each one. How do I get these textboxes to expand depending on the text and then get each section and textbox to follow the preceding one without giving them extra space on the report?

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I have the same question. If these were components on a Window, I could set bindings on the x, y, width, and height of each one (or adjust them in a script), and expand them and move them around as needed when the text grew too large to fit the default size. Alas, this does not appear to be an option in the Report Viewer.

Is there any other solution? Do any of the other components handle resizing more gracefully, and could they be made to serve the purpose of a text block?

The two easiest options would be either A: use a dynamic data key, or B: use one of the table objects, and set the text area’s behavior to ‘Grow Row’.

Ah, you mean set the Width, Height, X, and/or Y using dynamic data keys? That might work. It would be a little tricky, though, unless I switch to a fixed-width font. Otherwise, I’m not sure how to figure out how many lines of text a given string will produce, and that will determine how much to grow and move the components by.

Speaking of growing components, I have been using the Text Shape, and setting its Overflow Behavior to “Grow Row”. Is there some other setting required for that to work, or is it just a bug that the setting is available for this component?

The ‘Grow Row’ setting only really applies when it’s a text area inside of a standard table, simple table, etc; one of the more complex objects.