Reporting with TAG selection

How can I select the TAGs that I want to appear in the report using options?
Some person has some example of how it is done?
I could create many reports but I want to enable and disable TAG

I want to do something simpler, not create all possible report combination options

I assume you are using a tag history query for your reports? If so you can use parameters in your tag paths, but i don’t think that is going to work very well for you, if you dont have a fixed number of tags you will report on.

You could use a SQL or Named query and add a your selected tag names to the where clause, but that will get more complicated if you have partitioning enabled on your historian, which you probably do.

This isnt a very elegant solution, but it works.
The report data source, with the parameters for 3 tag paths:

The perspective view with drop downs for the 3 tag path parameters. I have the full path in the value property but just the tag name for the label.

Hopefully this helps, or at least gets you started.

Do you have any more information? What code do you insert into the component?
I don’t have much experience so I ask a little more details.
If you have any project that you can send me so I can open it and see how it is made .

I have shown you pretty much everything except my drop down config. I have this setup in a project i can’t share, but if you need more help i can create a new one. Also you can do the same thing with the radio buttons in your screen shot, just set custom properties to the tag paths desired based on the selection.

I would be very grateful if you could create a project for me as an example.
My mail is:


It is in your inbox.

Trank, I will check it :slight_smile: