Reportning parameters

Trying to set up a report where one of the data sources is a named query with parameters. Passing a parameter from the report to the named query seems to be not working as the field keeps clearing itself whenever I save the project. Using a static value as the parameter works as expected, but not a report parameter.

After setting the named query parameter and going into the preview mode, the report shows as expected. When the project is saved the parameter is cleared and the preview shows a warning

"Missing value for query parameter :ParameterName"

Is this a bug or me doing something wrong?


After a little more testing, the problems seems to be when more than one named query is added as data source. Only one is allowed to have parameters passed in from the report.

To me, this seems like a bug!

Yes, definitely a bug. We’ve already fixed it, and you’ll see that fix in 7.9.7 which should be coming out very soon.