Reports: how to 'or' multiple string values in details section

I want a report to look like this:
12:22 process started
12:23 step 1 completed
12:24 step 2 completed
12:25 process done

I have the descriptions stored in 3 different tags (circled in red). I can’t figure out how to ‘or’ the three tags so that the report uses the data contained in all 3 tags.

Can anyone help me understand how to do this? (I’m not strong with SQL, so you might need to talk real slow!)

should I consolidate the data so that I only have one string value instead of the three?

should that be done with a SQL script?

Hi @kb5won, you could use a scripting data source that can iterate through and concatenate the strings based on the data key alias. However, this might be inefficient.

Instead you might be able to leverage Keychain Expressions to do the logic and join(). However, I have not really used these, so it may not be the correct route.