Reports - Row Versioning with parameters

I would like to hide some rows based on an option passed as a parameter to the report.

Lets say I have a parameter named “showType2” and the this option is controlled from the calling window and passed to the Report Viewer.

In the report, there’s a table with data containing a field named fkID_Type which can have values 1 to X. This table also has a row version called INVISIBLE which is invisible.

I want to show the row when showType2 is True (the parameter is a boolean) AND fkID_Type is equal to 2.

What is the syntax for the Row Versionning property on the table?

I have in mind something like this: {showType2==1}&&fkID==2?"Standard":"INVISIBLE"

But it’s not working.

Any help would be appreciated


The correct keychain expression should be something like:
showType2==1 && fkID == 2?"Standard":"INVISIBLE"

No curly braces should be needed. See for more info.

The showType parameter is of type Boolean. Should I compare with True, true? Or is comparing it to 1 is enough?