Reports Simple Table help 8.1.0

I need to add two more rows to this table someone else made.
I am on 8.1.0

So I selected the table and added 2 rows from 16 to 18.

The rows appeared, but only at half the height of the other rows.
Well 25 vs 63.527 height
How do I resize the row?
If I click a cell, I set the size I want to for height, and it just resets to 25.
Same thing if I select all cells in a row.
I click on a divider, and try to set the Y position, reverts.

The video Simple Table - Using Special Report Components shows scaling the whole table.
The help page Report - Simple Table - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation shows that after 8.1.12 the table worked differently

err, all my rows are different heights it seems

Do I have to make a new table to get all cells to have the same height and enter all the data into the new table to get this to size right?


Please don’t just bump topics.

You just click and drag the dividers. You can’t set exact positions, because simple tables are just dressed up crosstabs, so coordinates get weird.

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sorry about bump, I should have called in quick for help
this odd thing was pretty time sensitive as I needed to fix a bunch of these, wanted to start right away, but also didn’t want to start rebuilding them all over again to find out there was a simple way to get them aligned consistently

I kind of fickle with it till I get it within 1 for now and increase the zoom I guess until I can replace the ones already made with query tables instead