Reports Table Display Issue

I am running into an odd issue with reports on ignition. Wondering if anyone has seen similar and/or found a workaround.

I have an SQL query returning a 2 row, 3 column table of:
.7 | 1000 | 700
.75| 680 | 510
(First 2 columns multiple for 3rd)

This is used for a table in a report, displaying just as above.
The XML reads as expected/desired:


The issue is that the actual report image shows:
.7 | 1000 | 700
.75 | 680 | 700

So even though the Query returns as expected, and the XML is correct, the actual displayed values are incorrect. Seems to always be that the 3rd column is always the same as the first row 3rd column.

I assumed my issue was with the query, but the fact the XML is correct is confusing.