Reports, Tag Folders, Import Data Sources, Dropdowns, View vs Perspective

Trying to find the best way to deal with Tag folders and reports with historical data. I've run into a few things that maybe feel like, I'm holding it wrong.

I've created tag folders like this and set the tags to historically log.
Region/Site/Electrical OR Mechanical/Building/Lineup/Pump

Any way to expand all folders in Tag Browser or elsewhere?

There is no flat CSV import for tags, one of the training videos seemed to have it as an option. Is there a good way to work with the xml export to add large groups of tags or it's best if only used to search and replace existing tag properties?

Any way to import tag paths into the data source in a report?
-You must manually expand each folder and only then you can highlight all and click and drag all the tags into the Selected Historical Tags?
-Then many of the Data Key Aliases are the same. Many Pump Current values from pumps in different buildings and different lines are all the same, "current". You must then manually rename them something like "Pump01_current" so they can be used on the report. Is there a way to automate this?

If I want to be able to filter the reports I need to add parameters in the tag paths.
Becomes this:
[MySQL]{Region}/{Site}/electrical/building{Building}/lineup 01a/pump01/current

I have this working on a Perspective page with some of the dropdown objects. Then report viewer has bindings (matching the params names used in the report) to the dropdowns. This works but there will be a bit of work adding and maintaining each dropdowns list of options, value and label elements.
-Is there a way to query the tag folders to find all the regions, sites and buildings folders and make them a list in each of the dropdowns?
-I placed a default value into each of the reports Parameters but this is not read into the dropdowns on the Perspective page they are bound to, even with Bidirectional selected. I added an onStartup script actions to hard code a single default selection in each dropdown.
-Would be nice if the last values used in the dropdowns could be remembered the next time the report is opened.


I would recommend making separate posts for separate issues; this will allow us here on the forums to better help in an organized and concise fashion. It seems like your questions are all leading up to reading data in a report, please check out this video on data source scripting as this is a powerful and versatile tool to grab data.

That is what I'd found, need to make posts with smaller scope.

I've also seen the video but there is a lot more too everything that is often not covered and there are many different ways to try something and get lost doing something the wrong way.

You can delete the post if you want.