Reports To a Mapped Drive

I am trying to setup a report to save to a mapped drive across a domain? I have mapped the folder to a drive letter on Ignition and I can access the folder location and copy/paste file to that destination from the server.
My problem is within Ignition Designer Reports Action, save file, when I try the drive letter, the full path I cannot get it to go.

I need to add, that this mapped drive is across my secure domain onto the corporate network domain. So I has to use the IP address of the remote server and then Authenticate to the share folder, but like I said that works.

Is there something I need to do in the Ingition.confg file for it to authenticate?

Where did you map the drive – on the gateway machine or the designer? The scheduled actions happen on the gateway machine.

There’s no way to authenticate the drive in Ignition – if it’s visible to the Ignition user (ie the user who launched the application in the OS’s view, not the user logged in to Ignition), then it’s visible to Ignition. (Unless there’s some weird firewall thing going on.)

There is a page in the manual which explains what to add to the conf file:

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