Request failed due to time out


I am using ignition 7.3.7 for data logging application on Linux machine. The data is logged from Siemens S7-300 plc into SQlite Database.
Presently, the data logging application has stopped. The PLC device gets disconnected in few minutes after starting application.
Please suggest any solution so that the PLC device is connected.
Attached is image of devices an ignition error log screen.


It’s hard to tell from just those pictures but it looks like the device stops responding, which is what the request timeouts are, and then Ignition disconnects/connects and the cycle starts again.

If you could export the logs from that console page and send them in there might be more information available.


Please find attached log file.


It seems your device is becoming unreachable on the network, which isn’t something we can troubleshoot from Ignition.

Before the timeouts start this message occurs:

It might also be worth checking to see if you guys have a support contract so you can upgrade away from Ignition 7.3.7, which is no longer a supported version.

The thing is that, other Linux machine with same ignition application, works fine on this system.

What could be the reason for network error which causes for this particular machine?
How do we troubleshoot it?


We have not purchased the support contract.

Can you please update me about the support contact costing if we are to purchase it now?


[quote=“Kevin.Herron”]It seems your device is becoming unreachable on the network, which isn’t something we can troubleshoot from Ignition.

Before the timeouts start this message occurs:

I’m with Kevin on this one. This is most likely a problem outside of Ignition.

I’d start by looking at whether the ethernet interface is up:

ip link


If it’s up, then try to ping the PLC.

Depending on these result, should help you narrow it down.

  1. interface not up, then it’s likely a linux issue
  2. PLC not pingable, then it’s likely an infrastructure issue.
  3. if PLC is pingable, then take a closer look at Ignition.


We checked with the PLC on customer side and found that it is not pingable. On rebooting the linux system PLC gets connected for some time approx. 2-3 minutes and application runs.But later PLC gets disconnected.

Also the same PLC gets connected to other linux system which contains this same ignition application.The other system works fine on the same PLC.

Please Note that: The ignition version is same on both linux machine(Ver. 7.3.7).

Please suggest as to what can be done now.The customer is in problem as the data-logging application has stopped.

Attached is the image of the ip link command.


Which interface are you using to connect?

What is the link status while it is working?

Is your IP address static or dhcp?


The PLC is Siemens make.Communication is through S7300 driver using OPC-UA server authentication.
IP address should be static.

Sorry, I was meaning which Ethernet port. Are they both in use or just one?

What does ip link say when the system is working?

Just one port is in use. PLC is directly connected to system through Ethernet cable.

Is the problem related to PLC drivers?

Doubtful. If it works for a bit then it doesn’t, and you can’t ping it, that tells me it’s a more fundamental problem with linux or hardware than with the OPC drivers.

Can you ping this gateway from elsewhere after it stops communicating with the PLC?