Request for Update on Intellectual Property Protection in Ignition

This post is just asking for an update on these issues:
Dumb Patenting Question
Best practice to prevent to stolen ignition resources

I'm concerned about protecting my intellectual property (IP) in Ignition projects. For now, I'm only looking at templates. Converting numerous templates into modules using the SDK is very much unfeasible.

Could you provide any updates on:

Enhanced Security Features: Plans to better secure scripts, templates, and resources?
Resource Encryption: Potential for password-protected and encrypted resources?
Best Practices: Updated recommendations for protecting IP in Ignition projects?


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Beyond simply abandoning the notion of copyright, a module is the only feasible way to sufficiently obfuscate your code from the masses, but even with this, any legit developer that was sufficiently motivated would be able to decompile the code and see it, so I don't see any truly enforceable protection beyond the way the work is contracted in the first place.

If it's any consolation, any resource offered freely on the exchange that gets approved before August 31st will earn you a nice pair of socks:
The 2024 Exchange Challange

If your resource is as good as you indicate it is, perhaps it will win the challenge, and you will get some free publicity as well.

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You'll notice that no IA staff has chimed in. This topic has been beat to death, and isn't going to change.

The only best practice for IP protection is to create java add-on modules for the functionality. Full stop.

Use contracts and licensing to legally protect your work. Expect to have your proposals rejected if your legal requirements would handcuff your users.