Request Ignition 8.1 Dark Theme Designer!

I’ve been programming the most and designing for hours and it’s a real pain for our eyes retina to have see all in white. Please Inductive Development create a dark theme for projects development, the Designer app itself, hopefully for Ignition 8.1.
This software is awesome

Best Regards!

Beware! If you are getting eyestrain from a light background, it is almost certainly due to working in a dark room. While light vs. dark is usually a moot question if the background matches the room lighting, a bright background reduces the viewer’s pupil and therefore increases depth of field. This makes focusing on the content much easier for people with mild to moderate vision impairment. Sadly, that’s many of us, especially us geezers dealing with presbyopia. You could say that dark themes are ageist, and should not be used where you have a wide variety of users.

Some reading on the topic:


We’re pretty unlikely to add a dark mode to the designer; the long-standing ideas post was officially closed recently. That’s not to say that we’re opposed to the idea - just that it’s not at the top of the list of feature improvements.

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