[Request] Perspective Planning checklist

it was an amazing session last May “” How to Best Plan Your Perspective Project"’

Could IA’s team (@Travis.Cox?) share the demo project and Perspective Planning checklist?
How to Best Plan Your Perspective Project

We can certainly provide the project. You will find links below to download the Perspective project and the tags. You will need to create 2 device simulators in the configuration area:

Simulator - Programmable Device Simulator - Generic Program
Dairy - Programmable Device Simulator - Dairy Simulator

Once you have created the 2 simulators, you can import the tags. Verify they are working. Lastly, import the Perspective project. Regardless of the tags, you can see how the project was put together. Let us know if you have any questions.

Demo_20200608094008.zip (209.8 KB)
tags.json (25.5 KB)

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Thanks a lot @Travis.Cox for your support .