requestFocusInWindow not working in mobile project

I am having trouble getting a text box component to receive focus in a mobile project. I am running 7.6.4 java 7 update 25. If I run the project as a regular client on a PC the focus moves from one box to the other when a “|” is typed. The mobile project does not work in either a web browser on my PC or the android tablet i am using.

I have the following code on the propertyChange event of a text box with update deferred off and reject updates during edit turned off.

if(event.propertyName == "text" and event.newValue.endswith("|")): event.source.parent.getComponent('txtPassword').requestFocusInWindow()

I see there is a post that sounds like this was fixed, but there is now details on how they are implementing the focus change.

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Sorry for the long overdue response to your topic. I have been testing this here without any success. I can confirm the keyCode and keyChar events are working the way they should. Still not having any luck with the requestFocusInField(). I will create a ticket here to have it looked at.

Hi, I have the same problem. RequestFocusInWindow doesn’t work in mobile. Is there any solution on this one?


This is still an open ticket for us here. This forum thread will be updated once the issue has been fixed.