Required urgent solution for UDT related Bug after updating to 7.9.5

After updating to version 7.9.5 the value of a memory tag which belongs to a UDT is continually being overriden by the system, although we disable the override by unclicking the green circle, this is automatically clicked by the system few minutes later.

If we create a UDT instance from the scratch we don’t have this problem, but we can’t do this for all the existing instances, over one thousand, with lots of variables which are currently being historized, the project scope consists of the migration of an old SCADA system for one of our most important customers in the pharmaceutical industry and besides the huge amount of time that we would need to create all the instances again we must guarantee the congruence of all the data stored so far, what would mean a lot of database rework too.

I wonder if it is possible to downgrade to version 7.9.3 as long as we have the guarantee that this is going to solve the problem.

I’m pretty sure you cannot downgrade.
Consider exporting all of your troublesome tags as XML, and compare to the XML export of a fresh instance that does not show the problem. If there’s a difference, use a text tool to fix the XML export. Then re-import the XML. Importing overwrites existing tag instances and should quickly yield a corrected system.
To be really sure, since this is a production system, do all of the above on a test server first.

Thank you Phil, that’s a great idea.

We ran into the same problem, and support is working on the issue. We had a backup of 7.9.4 so we were able to uninstall 7.9.5 and install 7.9.4

The XML export won’t work at least it did not for us. If you inspect the XML all the memory tags are correct but still won’t import into 7.9.5

Thank you for the feedback.