Reset Ack status for Shelved Alarms


I am looking for a way to reset the acknowledge status of an alarm when it shelved. In other words when operators shelve an alarms that has been acknowledge, we want to reset the Ack status so when the shelve expires it needs to be re-ack.

I tried to manually reset the Ack status, but seems that its readonly, is there a way to acomplish this.

As a note for whoever may be looking into this, I got this response from support team.

Unfortunately, alarms event actions were designed to be on a per event basis. The purpose of acknowledgement is to accept or confirm the existence of the alarm event itself which is why it cannot be re-acknowledged nor reverted back to an unacknowledged state. This would be the same as clearing an active alarm then attempting to remove the cleared action to which is not possible. Acknowledged and cleared can only be applied to alarm events once.