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Hi everyone,

I cannot reset the gateway. I had a username and password, and I imported another file with .gwbk extension and it has imported another username and password with its projects.

How can I reset everything and create a new user from the beginning?

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Yes, you can reset gateway password. It will create a new temp user source.

With these steps I can create a new user and password, from 0?

Thank you!

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I have done this:

cd C:/Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition


gwcmd -p and finally gwcmd -r

It started again and I set a new user and password.

But it keeps calling itself by the name of systems that I don't want and I also get the previous projectors.

I would like to know if it can be reset from 0.

Thank you very much for your time

If you want to delete everything, then you can delete the config.idb file and the projects folder from the data folder. This is the closest you can get to going back to a fresh install.

  1. I can uninstall ignition and reinstall would be 0?


  1. When I delete this config.idb file, it resets the configurations (OPC, SQL etc)?


  1. Where can I download the example project that comes with the installation? Because it comes in perspective application and I would like to learn about perspective.

Thank you very much

I have deleted the config.idb file.

And it looks like this:



I reinstalled the Ignition application and it worked correctly!

Now I can import projects, not directly gateways, because they mess up my login and password, right?

Thank you

Projects are their own thing. A gateway backup is everything, including projects, and all other settings.

So if I export a project from my partner, it is worthless, because no tags are saved or anything. The ideal would be to make backups of each gateway used on localhost?

No, it's not worthless. It transfers all the code, views, windows and reports. You may still have some work to do with the tags and how easy this is will depend on how well you have structured the original tag configurations.

Project backup and restoring from a project backup is referred to as Project Export and Import. Projects are exported individually, and only include project-specific elements shown in the list below. They do not include Gateway level configurations, like database connections, Tag Providers, and Tags. The exported file (.zip ) is used to restore / import a project.

Thank you very much for the clarification.

If I export a project, apart from the tags, what else should I export to make it work on another gateway?

Thank you very much for your time

It depends...

Are those tags OPC tags? Then you need the OPC connection definition somehow.

Are they tags from Ignition's built-in OPC server? Then you also need the device definitions somehow...

These things aren't exportable piecemeal, only as part of a backup.

Okey, gradually immersing myself in this

Thank you for everything


I think the gateway is bugged. There is a moment when it won't let me enter, so I have to reset the user and password. After a while it happens again. Then I delete everything temporary but it happens again, what is it? Is it safe? If I can enter the projects with the commands gwcmd -p and -r, I can enter any project, right?

Thank you for everything

You have to update the normal security/user source to have what you need to continue logging in before you delete the temporary user source.

I first select my user source and then delete the temporary. After a while and it doesn't let me access, I have to use the commands

Thank you!

After a while like after you've imported another gateway backup or changed the user settings? They don't just stop working on their own, generally...

What do you mean by "select" ? It isn't enough to just "select" the previous user source before deleting the temporary source. You have to add a user, or update the password of an existing user, in that user source. So that you can keep logging in after deleting the temporary source.

The "reset password" operation just creates the temporary source with your temporary credentials. It doesn't put the new credential anywhere else. You have to do that part yourself.

The "after a time" is probably just the gateway's idle timeout kicking out your session.

After a while, it appears like this


and then do this

After a while, I get the error again as above.