Reset Incoming Connections?

I am wondering if I can get some assistance with this error. I had a tech setup one of our gateways and I can not figure out why on the networking side its not working. I can see the packets being passed to the ignition server and they are being dropped there. Verified on all our Firewalls its all being passed to desired locations. So at this point I think my issue is at the EAM level? My other sites did connect properly just not this one…

→ outgoing local=‘beckhoff’ remote=‘https://staticip:8060/system’ method=outgoingConnect: Connection attempt to wss://staticip:8060/system/ws-control-servlet?name=beckhoff&uuid=5211c4a5-0796-4d2f-91b7-9a730877b9c3&url=https://internalip2:8060/system failed! Error message=null

I do have real IP’s in those StaticIP and internalIP just did not want to paste them on here.