Reset Trial. Permissions configuration

It would be great to be able to configure permissions to "Reset Trial" from gateway security settings.

Sometimes, the client access to our development server to review the status of the WIP application. Right now, If we give them privileges to reset the trial, they will have access to all the other gateway configurations.

So the trial reset is under the "gateway config" permission level?

We are trying to do something similar.

Sounds like an abuse of trial mode.


I think they just want to be able to restrict which user is allowed to reset the trial

The opposite. They want to allow unprivileged (or less-privileged) people reset the trial so they don't expose their dev gateway. But while trial mode is perfectly fine for dev, this arrangement strikes me as treading really close to needing a proper license. IMO.

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It reads to me like they are still developing the end product, and the client wants to be able to log in, and test. But the OP is running it on their normal dev gateway, instead of a client specific Gateway. So the client might be connected when the trial runs out, and is then stuck with the system effectively dead. Meaning either someone at Op's company has to be available at all times when the client may decide to do a review. Or OP has to give admin rights to the client.

Or move their entire development system to a VM that would affect their normal workflow, by forcing them to have a new gateway for just one project, leading to more system resources needed, more management of the system as they would need a different auth system...

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Currently got similar issue. Client wants to test live project, however I do not want to give him full access to the gateway (along with VPN). Is there any way to tackle this issue apart from migrating project onto Client network?

Talk to your IA rep about an expiring license for projects that are close to sale. Legitimate acceptance testing or similar testing can usually qualify for a 30-day license. (I would not put this on your dev gateway, but on a temporary gateway at the client site. It isn't a proper test without that, IMO.)


Thank you, will do that.