Reset User Source Script

Is there any way to reset a User source without going into the gateway by using a script? I'm not sure if this is the issue I'm having but when creating a user from a Perspective session the user tries to log in afterward and fails. After some time it works (not sure how long, approx. 10 - 20 min).

I don't know if resetting the user source fixes or causes it to pull the users from the database (I use a database user source), allowing them to log in.

Hi Jacob, how are you creating new users in your session? Is the database updating as expected? Unfortunately there is not a way to perform an edit/save on a user source via scripting.

The database is updating as expected. I am creating a user object using the user_object = system.user.getNewUser(user_source, "username") function, then setting values for other credentials for the user object. Then at the end of all that I call system.user.addUser(user_source, user_object) function.

Please reach out to the IA support department and make a ticket so we can take a closer look at this.