Reset Zoom Level on Time-Series Chart (Perspective)

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Is it possible to reset the zoom-level to 1 on a time-series chart? I know there is the bottom shown in the screenshot that accomplishes this, but is there anyway to call this functionality via script/function?


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Just to follow up on this - is there anyway to have access to the zoom level property?

Hi @jaspinall, because the “zoom” action is only accomplished via mouse/touch user actions, we don’t provide programmatic ways to interact with it. It would require a corresponding mouse/touch user action to get back to the default zoom level.

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Thanks @jball - that makes sense.

I have the same request. My position is around usability. So a user has zoomed in and completes the analysis on a line then changes the time frame. The time updates but the line doesn’t, creating a mismatch of values displayed. This leads the user in to misinformation. Sure the zoom out icon is displayed on the line image but its not obvious to the user. In many cases, the line may not be that different and it not being updated isn’t completely obvious. Not being able to script the change to the new line is a poor practice and poor usability. If we don’t reset the line to correct expected value then at least we should let the user know to be asked to do so. The below example is a line data for a current day but displayed date is previous day.

Once the user recognizes the error and knows to hit the Zoom out icon. The below is displayed and corrected.

I have same situation.