Reseting Hour Meter

Hello! Is it possible to reset retentive Hour Meter value in transaction group to zero?

If you can write to the tag, you can reset the value. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many ways to write to a group item. The most common scenario goes like this: the group is set to update the “last row” of the table. The item is set to bi-directional, db wins. At a certain time, a new row is entered into the database with a default value of 0 for the hour meter. Since it’s “db wins”, the group will see this new value and write it to the item, resetting the counter.

It would probably make sense for us to add some sort of a writeToTag expression function that could be used inside of an if statement in an expression item or something, as this comes up periodically.

Hope this helps,

Previous problem is solved, but a new one appeared. It seems like retentive hour meter resets its hours value to zero whenever the controller is restarted. Actually it happens this way - at first, tags binded with hour counter become “null” and their quality become “bad” (controller is out of power). At this state counters retain their values. But when controller is turned on again, and tags return to their normal state, every counter binded with those tags resets to zero. It’s kinda ironic, that first I struggled to apply reseting capability, and now I have to make hour meters stop reseting on their own.


What version are you using? This should have been fixed in 7.3.6 and should have been ported over to 7.4.x, but sometimes there’s some difficulty with that.