Resetting a tag value at certain day and time of the week


I am quite unfamiliar with the Python language but am looking for some help with an issue I am having. I am currently using Ignition V 8.1.15 to trend and report values for tags but need to reset a tag every Monday morning at 8:00 AM EST. I am not sure where or how this script would be set up or where it should be ran. Any help would be appreciated!

Try a Gateway Scheduled Script: Gateway Event Scripts - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

The issue is that I am not sure how the write the script that is going to run at that time.

I need to write a value of 1 to a tag "ns=1;s=[PFI_HOUSING_H2O]TestTag" at 8:00 AM and then 5 seconds later write a value of 0 to this same tag.

Don't use a boolean trigger. Use a short integer. Increment it (allowing rollover) to make the PLC act. No reset required.

I generally make such triggers skip zero so that a zero can be a non-triggering PLC start-up value.


In case Phil's logic isn't clear, your method will fail if there is a 5 s glitch in communications. Phil's will work and, even better, the PLC can calculate how many pulses it missed, if required.