Resetting a user password - will this kick out other users logged in using these credentials?

We have a shared login used around our facility, like a general "shop floor" login. We don't actually know the password to this login as our previous gateway administrator did not record it. The projects that this login is associated with are all set to auto-login with this password coded in.

I'd like to reset this password in Config -> Security -> User Sources such that I can document the new one and fix a weird autologin gateway error we are seeing on one shop floor machine. I have two questions before doing so:

  1. Should I look anywhere else (apart from Project Properties -> Login -> Auto Login) for places where this change of password might have ramifications? Of course I would need to update the password here as well, but anywhere else? I understand this might be hard to answer without knowing our full system.

  2. Will this kick out every active session that is using this login? Or will the change merely take effect at next restart of the project (being effectively "invisible" to all other shop floor users) ?

  1. There might be scripted project redirections in Vision.

  2. Shouldn't kick it until next use.