Resetting Today date on Popup Calendar

Inductive Team,

We had a Popup Calendar in our Window. Let’s an example if We login into Client View today (16th August 2013), it will be in highlighted mode. If we see same window after 10 days (26th August 2013) without closing it, the same 16th August 2013 will be highlighted as Today.

Is it possible to reset Today’s highlight everyday without re-logging Client view?

Waiting for your valuable response.


you could do somthing like:

make an datetime expression tag for “now()”

write that tag to the Popup proterty every hour or so if the page is opened and when the page opens. you could use a client script.

That should do it.


Bind the Date property of the calendar to an SQL Query and set the Polling Mode to Off. This will update the calendar date when the window is opened. SELECT NOW()
The problem with Chris’s example (sorry Chris) is that if you bind the Date property to a tag and you’re updating the tag every hour, if your window is open and the tag gets updated then calendar date will change from whatever date the operator currently has selected.

Chris and Pat,

Thank you for your responses. We don’t want to change the property which is user selected date for filtering data in table. We want to update the “Today date” highlight to be proper without changing the property.


OK I understand, I thought you wanted to keep the property reasonably current, but what you actually want is the keep the highlight current but not to change the original datetime.

I’ll think about that.


what you want to do is simply not possible. The date selector uses an open source calendar implementation internally. When this calendar is initialized for the first time, it stores ‘today’ and does not update until the whole thing is shut down.

I made my own date selector some time ago (main intention was to get the dates localized), that uses the same base implementation but updates ‘today’ every time the display is updated. As i use the same base implementation it looks like the Ignition component, so feel free to try it.

Thank you Chi. Travis also confirmed the same thing. We will check whether this solution is OK for our client or not.