Resize docked window


     How to resize the docked window on any event. I have a scenario where we need a function like this.


I'm afraid that I do not have enough to go on here. Can you provide some more details about your scenario?

I suggest you take a moment to read this:


Hello @justinedwards.jle

I have a project where I need my docked window to be resized i.e. current window size is 1920 X 36 and I need this to be resized with 1920 X 120. How this can be done?

Kartik I

Please stop putting your questions in those blocks, it's a pain to read...

I have no idea about vision docks, but maybe with a combination of system.gui.findWindow and system.gui.transform ?

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The basic code will look something like this:

window = system.gui.getParentWindow(event)
height = 120
width = 1920
window.size(height, width)

Thanks @justinedwards.jle I really appreciate.

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Hi @justinedwards.jle

This was script that helped me

import java.awt.Dimension
window = system.gui.getParentWindow(event)
window.setSize(java.awt.Dimension(300, 600))
window.setMinimumSize(java.awt.Dimension(300, 600))
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