ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded - Perspective

I’m having a performance issue with perspective. The problem happens in a table component.

  • I have two Arrays Object with 36 keys:values each and 40 items/rows
  • A binding in “columns” prop data ->transform scripting , nothing fancy, just doing a title and sorting changes.
  • A switch that changes between Array A and Array B at table

When changing between Arrays, I get this error on the browser

I think that what is happening is that binding at “columns” prop triggers every time a value and an item changes and is not waiting to al completely switch from array a to array b


Did you ever find out a solution? I have something similar occurring on a table but without any binding on the ‘columns’ property.

I’m also experiencing this error message, not really sure where to look further. I’m populating 5 table components with large datasets (few thousand rows each).
I also have a chart component trying to plot some of the data.

The error is in a library we use for for many (all?) of our components in some way and which determines how a component should resize when its content changes. It turns out Tables and charts have lots and lots of data and when it changes the library claims to exceed a limit, but what’s happening is that the library is [failing to complete all of the calculations in a certain amount of time](google chrome - ResizeObserver - loop limit exceeded - Stack Overflow. This isn’t something we can fix until the library in question provides a fix of their own. The issue has been around for some time and I don’t believe they’ve addressed it.

The good news is that even though that logging is ugly, it is benign.


Nop, but it seems to be harmless, perhaps.