Resizing Popup Calendar Component

Hi all,

I am currently having some trouble controlling the size/location of the popup calendar component. I believe I will need to intercept it’s initialization and use some Swing code in order to get it to appear where I’d like; however, I’m at a loss at how to do so.

The popup window I’m working on looks like this, where the Event End Time dropdown is a Popup Calendar component:

When clicked, the popup calendar looks like this:

I need to be able to change the opening location of this calendar and resize it so that the user can still see the start and end time labels while selecting a date. Any suggestions on how to go about this?


I would attempt to fix the issue with layout. The calendar component is quite a bit wider than it needs to be, as are the labels that display the start and end times.

You may be able to move the calendar component component below the labels and avoid the issue or put it to the right of the displayed end time.