Resizing rotated components impossible in Coordinate / Percent View

Hey folks,

Ignition 8.0.5

I have a coordinate view set to percent mode. I dropped a progress bar on the screen and rotate it 270º to be vertical. Click the corner to resize and everything goes haywire. The width / height of the component still correspond to the un-rotated state, and dragging is inverted / backwards. The only way effectively to resize is to manually type the height / width into the component, but again, they relate to the original width/height, and not the rotated component.

I’m happy to answer questions, as I realize this is slightly confusing to describe.

Is there a solution for this? Am I doing something wrong?


Update to 8.0.6 :slight_smile: Component rotation was completely overhauled.

Thanks, Paul.

Will do.

Upgrading 8.0.5 to 8.0.6 seems to have broken the way that cylindrical tank works in the column container?

If I drop one into a column container, the tank graphic shows up wherever I drop it, but the resize box shows up in the upper left corner of the screen. Resizing the box will cause the tank graphic to move to the resize box (unless there is a component positioned in the way). I can resize and move columns (though the resize box stays anchored upper-left corner), but I cannot move the location of the tank away from the left wall of the container.

Is this a known issue, or did I just encounter an issue during upgrade?


It seems as though the rotated component doesn’t appear rotated in a PC based Mozilla session? Works in Chrome and on my mobile device. I have it in a coordinate view nested inside a column. Happy to export the windows or share component settings.


Does that mean Firefox, or something else? How old is it? Pretty much every browser should support 2d transforms, but the rest of the rendering in your screenshot makes me pretty suspicious:

Apologies for the confusion, it is Firefox. Version 71.0. I see that it should be supported, but it’s not rendering appropriately. Works fine in the neighboring Chrome window.

Rebuilding the components in a new view appears to have resolved the issue. I’m not entirely sure why it was having difficulty rending appropriately.

Hm, that is pretty strange. No custom extensions or anything interfering with rendering? Do you get the same behavior in a private/incognito window in FF? If you do, could you get in contact with support?

I’m not aware of any known issues with the new component rotation stuff specific to Firefox, but I know a few kinks are being worked out in 8.0.7/8.0.8 - so it’s possible you’ve hit something new, or just a different way to encounter something we’re aware of.

Nothing custom in the browser. I copied the window, pointed the embedded view at the copy, and updated the project and the view renders properly now. The initial view was built in 8.0.5 and migrated to 8.0.6.

As far as the behavior of the rotated component, resizing my window horizontally still causes the progress bar to resize vertically (along the original horizontal axis of the component). The progress bar is part of an embedded percent coordinate window. Is this the expected behavior?

Resizing a percent mode Coordinate container with rotated child component does not have any special handling: the component’s width and height properties scaled before rotation is applied. It’s expected.

It’s similar to the reason why we disable the resize handles when more than one component is selected, and at least one component is rotated: resizing the post-rotated component’s width and height while keeping the component’s relative position to other components is not well defined.

Good to know. Thank you, Perkins. I appreciate you and Paul taking the time to respond.