[RESOLVED] Exchange Review status

I have an exchange resource in the review stage and i just want to make sure i did everything necessary to start being reviewed by Inductive. I created the package and its status is “review”

Do i need to do anything else to move the process along or does it just take a while for the resource to get reviewed? Thanks in advance.

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I just heard back from our team that they’re in the process of reviewing that submission along with a few others. It normally takes a few days before newly submitted resources are all the way through the approval process. Thanks for checking in!

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your patience while your resource went through our review process. Your resource is now approved and up on the Ignition Exchange! Thank you so much for your contribution to the Ignition Exchange.


Thanks Kevin. I see that it is live.

Thanks for letting me know. Now that i am familiar with the process, I foresee many more submissions to come.