[Resolved]Having trouble getting Historic trends to work

I’m trying to display historic tag data on an XY Chart.

I found this thread.

I tried adding the project linked in that post to my Ignition 8 install but it was corrupted. I assume it is just too old to restore to the current Ignition Beta.

I’ve tried various property bindings as well as I understand the post I linked but I can’t get it to work. I bound the datasource property on the control and then it says “No Series Properly Configured”.

I went down to the series properties and it has another datasource property. I tried binding that to the datasource property on the control. I also tried binding it directly to the tag history. I tried putting full tag paths in my series. I tried aliases. Everything I try just gives me that error.

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong but I’m having trouble finding the information I need to fix it.

I forgot I had gotten a good answer on this question before and got called away on a few other things and forgot.

If anyone is having trouble getting this to work; you want this thread.

The thing I was doing wrong is I was binding my data source to the datasource property on the control and you actually want to bind it to the “example” sub-property on the datasource property.