[Resolved] Module Showcase API Tool - 500 Error


We have a module developed for Ignition version 7.7.x and need to make some updates now.

While using module_showcase project for signing the module, getting error as below -
API Call failed. Server returned HTTP response code : 500 for URL https://api.inductiveautomation.com/authenticate

Is there a change in the API recently ? Is anyone else facing a similar issue ?
Appreciate help in this regard.

Thank you !


authticate instead of authenticate is likely the reason for the 500 error.

https://api.inductiveautomation.com/authenticate should work for you

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@Samir_Nileshwar , Thank you. Sorry about the Typo in the post, however URL I used was the correct one. Have edited the post.

I am using the module_showcase Ignition project.
Below is the screenshot of the error

Any pointers ?
Thank you.

So, not a problem with signing, but with authentication to get the Session ID. You should double check your credentials.

Thank you, @pturmel , this was an issue with module showcase account. Got this resolved with the help from IA Support.

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