[Resolved] Quality Overlay behavior/appearance

Hi All,

I’d like to know if it is possible to change the color of the built-in ignition quality overlays so that they will match the industry standards for a project I’m working on. For example, in this industry, red is for energized equipment and green is for de-energized equipment, so we don’t want to use red or green for bad-quality or stale-data. We want to use separate colors which will be dedicated only for alarms or communication losses.

Also, some of the objects on the displays are manipulated using expressions or scripts which reference tags. Can I cause those components to exhibit quality overlays based on the quality of the tags referenced by their respective scripts?

Or, for example, if I have data coming from a protocol gateway device, and the device has a separate tag indicating its own connection to some instrumentation, can I trigger bad quality on a set of tags and their respective scripted display objects based on the state of a separate “comms-status” tag?


You could use the system.tag.setOverlaysEnabled function to disable all automatic quality overlays in Ignition, then do any overlays/indications manually. However, the tag overlay system is not really dynamic - if you disable it, you won’t be able to manually override the data quality property on components, so anything you create will have to be totally manual.

Thanks! That’s good to know.