[ Resolved ] Reports module Perspective

Good morning everyone,

I have a report designed for a perspective proyect, but I need to add an aditional sheet that shows información.

is that possible?

"report designed for a perspective project" means what? The designs for the report module and designs for Perspective displays are not interchangeable. Except that Perspective has a report viewer component that can display a finished report.

Please share more information about what you have and what you are trying to do.

Are you wanting to add another page?

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I get it.
I amm in a project with the module report.
So, I have a report that I designed and get information from tables of database. But I need to know if is possible to add an additional sheet to this report and showed 2 in 1

report 1 (principal) , has 2 pages
report2(additional sheet) , has 1 page

show only one finished report that will show 3 pages (the total pages with both reports)

Yes, this, thank you so much

No, there's no way to combine like that.

If you are trying to email them together, you can run them separately by script and compose an email with the two attachments.

(There are external tools that can combine PDF files, though. I like pdftk's community version.)

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It is better using the tool and have best structure ?

I prefer to not duplicate work, which you'd have to do if you made a third report. But there is some learning curve to use something like pdftk. First, you would have to familiarize yourself with its command line, and test some PDF concatenation operations manually. Then learn to use java's ProcessBuilder to call the command line from your gateway, wait for completion, then retrieve the combined file.


Great, thank you so much for helping me