Resource bundle not being built to correct directory


I have a module that I have been adding expressions to, I have now added a scripting function to it, it all builds fine, and works correctly, however when you get the help pop up when selecting the function in a script it all shows blank or null values.

Looking in the target folder after the build the properties file is going into the wrong directory.

I have created the .properties file in a matching folder to the class path, however when built it goes into the same level as the com folder.

the directory of the .properties is src/main/java/resources/

the class path is src/main/java/com/company.ignition.expressions

any ideas? I have scoured the pom.xml files for any indication of where it puts resources but I cant seem to see anything. The example on git builds to the correct place, but I cant see any differences.

Your properties file should be in src/main/resources/com/company/ignition/expressions

Sorry my bad that was a typo, it is in src/main/resources/com/company/ignition/expressions

Do you have actually have folders named “company.ignition.expressions” or are you using a path there?

Maven takes care of this automatically, it’s not even part of our plugin, so not sure what’s going on for you.

:man_facepalming: I just actually created the path rather than typing it in and its worked, simple in the end, just a couple of hours I wont be getting back :joy:

@Kevin.Herron thanks for your help